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Marketing your Automotive Repair Business

The IAME recognises the need to provide you with promotional ideas & information that will benefit y... More

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Call our office on 07 3715 7595 to order your 2018 IAME Workshop Diary. More

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We are Level 2 SGP Green printers

With so much emphasis put on protecting the environment these days there is a growing community expe... More

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Current articles
Great Ideas that could work for your business

2012-04-24 10:16:55    None

After 20 years of printing for automotive repair businesses the IAME Print Shop can say they have almost seen it all - what promotions that have saved businesses and what has failed to raise any interest and turned out to be a ... More

Registration Reminder Labels

2012-04-19 15:03:01    None

Did you know that under new vehicle registration legislation, the person driving any unregistered vehicle is liable for not only fines incurred, but also insurance costs if involved in an accident?But how do you know if the ... More

Successfully marketing your automotive repair business

2012-04-19 10:29:29    None

When is the best time to advertise your business?Answer -  2 weeks before a school holiday distribute a flyer advertising your Services / Specials / Product / Event. A local leaflet deliverer will charge around *$45 per 1000 ... More

Keep it clean

2012-04-18 15:09:08    None

The IAME has a range of products that help protect your customer's vehicle while it is in your care, our paper floor mats are the industry prefered protector product due to it's hard wearing nature and inexpensive price. Sure ... More

2015 Lubrication & Tune-Up Guide

2012-04-18 15:09:08    None

Need the latest 2015 Lube & Tune? The ultimate reference guide for Auto Technicians & Service Workshops. Covering a wide range of models including passenger cars and utillities, light commercials, 4WDs & popular diesels. The book ... More